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Friday, September 08, 2006


Hey folks! This is DJLENA with some serious thoughts for ya. I was chatting with a buddy last night about our dear ol DJDan. This has sparked a fire in me (NO, NOT GAS) and I MUST share my DJDan theories with you.


Here is my case:

He is creating a dissstraction so whatever really IS going on with hanso is easly masked. is FIRST example (taken from his VERY FIRST podcast):
Dennis: OK. How about plate tectonics? DJ Dan: SCAM! Two words…earthquake insurance. Don’t buy it! (in this he tells you that a real thing is fake right?)

Second example:
Frank: War of the Worlds radio broadcast? DJ Dan: Oooh, Frank. You little devil. Tonya, my producer at large, what’s your take on that? Tonya: Hoax. DJ Dan: WRONG! Conspiracy masquerading as a hoax. That was, what, ah, 1938 Frank? Frank: Ahh, don’t know. (?) DJ Dan: SHUTDOWN! It WAS 1938. The first color photos of Mars had just come in and, shock of shocks, the thing looks like a “frackin” Christmas tree. Nothing but red rocks and green heads. Now the US government alien agenda doesn’t want a real panic, so what do they do? They get Orson Welles to do War of the Worlds, get it? They cause a fake panic, expose it as a hoax, and everything goes back to normal. A couple years later, when the pictures do leak, everybody thinks it’s another hoax, but that’s the truth.

Here he shows how to WAG THE DOG...he shows you something FAKE and calls it REAL. He told us from the FIRST podcast but we didnt see it.

NOW, the next stuff deals with Peter Thompson theories.


QUOTE FOR DAN "They get Orson Welles to do War of the Worlds, get it"?

DJDan is the "orson welles" of hanso!

Think about it...ORWELLES folder held PETERS letters...then you look at what came out of djdans mouth: "They get Orson Welles to do War of the Worlds, get it? "

OK, now...who is peter to that company?
What are lawyers best known for?
LIEING (no offence to real lawyer friends, just using cleche)
AND....he would be BEST suited for the job to hide the REAL truth

NOW...what is mittlewerk doing under the cover that djdan has made? THIS IS THE QUESTION TO ASK IN THIS ARG...

Thursday, July 06, 2006


Main info about the DJDan website and DJDan:

May 16, 2006 DJDan website

His website was first discovered as a hidden link inside the source code for A podcast ARCHIVE is inside the djdan website.
Many thanks to the transcribers...there are transcripts for the podcast. Please watch for links to these as you go along.

Some things to ponder:
DJDan is involved in almost EVERY in game website. I will add a list of websites to this important clue soon. STAY TUNED.

In his bios section there has a change from of him being a Desert Storm war vet to now Gulf war vet (unsure of date that happened at the moment). It has not been discovered as to why this change occurred.

On the bios page, it lists one of his possible birthplaces as Terre Haute, Indiana. Peter Thompson, from The Hanso Foundation was born there in 1959...DJ Dan sometime in the 60's.

Thanks to Bones for pointing out:
There used to be real links on his site that have been removed. click here to see active list

**note...on the same day as the website became public someone by the name "namastepete" also uploaded a video on spelling out the djdan website. This was never verified to be in-game but did arrive on same day as djdan. click this for video**


PODCAST May 16th
Here is the first podcast dated May 16th click click here to go to podcast

TRANSCRIPT: to view this one... click here

My assessments of the transcripts, just my own opinions click here to view

PODCAST May 26th
When you click on the link for this podcast, DJDan takes you to website. Through clues Persephone gives and you have to put “108” in the text box and hit enter.
Here is copy of the podcast dated May 26th click here to listen

TRANSCRIPT: to view this one… click here to read

My assessment of the transcript….
click here to read

PODCAST video was June 1st (mp3 acutually June 6th)
You get directed to From that point turn the compass by mousing over to 108 degrees which will allow you to click at that point. Once you click it takes you to a list of files. DJDan is in the owelles folder. straight link to owelles folder

Now this is where it gets good: When this first came out on June 1st, it had a video link to File name was : ( anagram for Sell out ). That video was removed on June 6th. It was replaced with an mp3 file in the same location.
Here is a link to the mp3 version that came out on June 6th click here to hear podcast

TRANSCRIPT: to view this one… click here to view transcript

Some things to ponder about the video: COMING SOON

My assessment of the transcript….click here to view

PODCAST June 8th
Clicking on the podcast link on his site takes you to
At the bottom of the page you will see...
Podcast: "Shutting Down the Man" Radio Announcer DJ Dan talks with listeners about genetic engineering and its impact on humanity's future. THAT IS THE PODCAST. click here to listen

TRANSCRIPT: click here to view

DJDan's website now has direct link to this podcast. After you click on the 6/08 it loads, but in the upper left hand corner its says 6/18....most likely a typo but worth pointing out.
I have not done an assessment on this one yet, please check back later.

Things to know:
This is a very important podcast! This is the one where DJDan gets threatened by unknown caller and is the podcast where Richard calls in about the shark.

PODCAST June 14th
This one took time to get. First it is suppose to come out on 6/12. On 6/13 a link is added but only takes you to and you need to type in porter in the "get our newsletter to see the forums. On 6/14 DSLerator gives us the link to DJDan's podcast, at the bottom. click here to hear copy of podcast

TRANSCRIPT: click here to view

Things to know:
This is first (and so far only) podcast that doesnt have/mention Tonya. Also the podcast brings up nanotechnology.

PODCAST June 16th
When you click on the 5/16 podcast on DJDan's site it takes you to Enter "hello" and submit. Then click on the far left monitor and type "BigD" and you get the podcast.
click here to hear the podcast

TRANSCRIPT: click here to view

PODCAST June 21st
You get directed to From that point turn the compass by mousing over to 108 degrees which will allow you to click at that point. Once you click it gives you to a screen that you have to answer yes/no if you are a believer. Hit the "Y" key and enter. It then brings up a list of files. DJDan is in the owelles folder. click here to go there Now once again, go to the owelles folder, then you will see the file DJDAN6-21.mp3. click here to hear podcast

TRANSCRIPT: click here to view

PODCAST June 30th:

TRANSCRIPT: click here to read

Click here to hear podcast

PODCAST July 5th:

TRANSCRIPT: click here to read

click here to hear podcast

On June 16th has a clip on DJDan. You can see this on the bottom row, fourth from the left. click here to go to broadband stories


***ANOTHER VIDEO: Unconfirmed how this video surfaced but is confirmed (per Speaker) that it is in play. This video was uploaded on June 19th 2006 on by a user name "thejeepchannel" (same user as a previous jeep commercial poster). ***

click here to view video

TRANSCRIPT & VIEWS ON VIDEO: click here to read

If anyone feels something could be added here to benefit please drop me a comment!
~team lena~

Wednesday, July 05, 2006


 Announcer: Coming to you live, from the fire in your belly...
Announcer: You're listening to DJ Dan, shutting down the man

DJ Dan: And I'm here talking to Russ...
R: Russell!
DJD: Yeah, yeah, Russell Andrews—
R: who's—
DJD: Who, uh—
R: —Who's here to tell you—
DJD: Russell...
R: —that we are in a lot of trouble and most of us don't realize it!
DJD: Russell.
R: We have an ecosystem that—
DJD: I'm trying to be polite here, RUSSELL.
R: Huh.
DJD: Tell us, what is your job?
R: Okay, I've already explained, I'm a mathematical forcaster, and—
DJD: Now, now, hold it right there, just hold. My listeners hear "Mathematical Forcaster" and [snaps his fingers] they're disconnected. Now Russ, tell me, what does a Mathematical Forcaster do?
R: Okay, basically I use algorithms to forcast systematic—
DJD: EEEH! You use math to predict the future! But Russ, nobody can predict the future.
R: Not true.
DJD: I repeat, nobody!
R: That's not true!
DJD: I don't care who you are. What you do. Who you pray to. What kind of computer power you're packing. What kind of degrees you're holding. What kind of tarot cards and star charts and tea leaves and coffee grounds and pig's blood and moon runes you—you'd never ever predict what is coming out of my mouth right now. Gimme—give it a shot, come on, try, try, try—
R: Uh....
DJD: SIX backward church dummies, you know, Madagascar? Huh?
R: So, so, so what?
DJD: So I just proved my point.
R: Look, DJ Dan, if what I'm saying is so far off the mark, tell me, why would the UN hire Enzo Valenzetti in 1963 to apply the laws of statistical probility to predict the future... of, of mankind?
DJD: Enzo Venza.. whata whata?
R: En—Enzo Valenzetti. He was the greatest mind in mathematical history.
DJD: Then—then how come I ain't heard of him?
R: Because he died before his prime. He was piloting a plane from Naples to Paris, and it just... disappeared. He—he was killed, KILLED, DJ Dan, uh, to hide the truth.
DJD: And what truth might that be?
R: Uh, okay, after the Cuban Missle Crisis, the UN decided to apply my field, uh to the problems of humanity. They hired this present (sp?) grad student, Valenzetti, to come up with an equation, that would help look into the future—
DJD: Alright, alright, alright, alright, Rusty—
R: —of mankind. Russell.
DJD: Rusty, Rusty, Rusty, uh, what did this equation say?
R: Well, nobody knows. It was an oral presentation to the UN, and then, then the whole thing's been suppressed. And he developed it on his own in seclusion.
DJD: Then how do you know this Valenzetti Equation even exists?
R: Because a book was written about it. I've been trying to get my hands on it for years, but it's out of print, and somebody just bought the original publisher.
DJD: Yeah, sounds like a real conspiracy theory, Rusty. And who, pray tell bought the publishing company?
R: The Hanso Foundati—
DJD: SHUTDOWN!! Very clever, Russ, very clever, but I've seen enough parlor tricks in my day to know when I'm being had. Next caller!
P: Maybe you shouldn't be so quick to shut down your callers, DJ Dan.

P: Maybe you shouldn't be so quick to shut down your callers, DJ Dan.
DJD: Oooh, a fiesty one. You, uh sound way too hot to be one of my ConspiraSpies, so who'm I talking to here?
P: Here's what I know. Remember your Vik Institute show?
DJD: Mm-hm.
P: Mental hospital run by the Hanso Foundation full of number-crunching savants in the mysterious third basement?
DJD: Yeah, yeah.
P: I know for a fact it's full of mathemeticians. And those savants? They're running an equation over and over. It's just like what you said. Mittlewerk doesn't want a data trail.
DJD: So, uh, so, so what. So you think they're running this, uh... Valentiki equation?
P: Guess you aren't as smart as you look.
DJD: Oh-hoh-hoh-hoh. If I wasn't married I'd take you to the puerto rican beach where I grew up and marry you on the SPOT.
P: [sarcastically] Too bad you're married.


P: You want to know what I'm wearing?
DJD: Oooh.
P: Something cute. Too bad the Hanso Foundation wants me dead. You'll never get to see.
DJD: Waiiit a minute, who is this really?
Persephone: Persephone.
DJD: Wha—Persephone? Tany—Quic—Perseph—Tanya, quick! Trace the call, trace the call right now, trace it, c'mon!
Tanya: Trace it?
DJD: Go-just-get-go—
Tanya: [sarcastic] With my pencil?
DJD: Jus—aww. [sigh] DJ Dan, more in love than ever before.

Announcer: You're listening to DJ Dan, shutting down the man.

harcar2001 said...

pues, eeeh, quiza me puedes coger la corriente y.... uuuh decir me lo que estas, uuuuh lo que tienes puesto, por favor?

translation: well, eeeh, maybe you can go along with me and... uhhh tell me what you're, uuuuh what you're wearing, please?

"go along with me" isn't exactly what it would be in english but it's the best i can come up with so far.

sarashaila said...

QUOTE: pues, eeeh, quiza me puedes coger la corriente y.... uuuh decir me lo que estas, uuuuh lo que tienes puesto, por favor?

translation: well, eeeh, maybe you can go along with me and... uhhh tell me what you're, uuuuh what you're wearing, please?

"go along with me" isn't exactly what it would be in english but it's the best i can come up with so far.

Hello, I'm spanish. Go along with me means: Sigueme la corriente. It is a sentence like humour me. It looks like he is seduction sb.

DJDan podcast 7-5 transcript....

Thanks to noblelawyer for pointing out the transcript that JB did!!  THANKS JB~!

Voice over: Coming to you live from Stonehenge

Singers: DJ Dan!

Voice over: You’re listening to DJ Dan, shutting down the man

DJ Dan: Yep, we’re coming to you live. I’m shutting down the man, that’s the plan so you don’t know the what hit the fan. So much for my hip hop career.

Tanya: Come on, Dan, you’re old school.

DJ Dan: Yep, hang a grandfather clock around my neck that’s how old school I am. Speaking of, I call myself a DJ but how often do you ever hear me play music? Yeah, jump on that, Conspiraspies. *laughs* We’re having a good time today ladies and GMOs (?) we’re in our blue track suits. We have our name brand white sneakers. That’s right we’re celebrating the anniversary of Heaven’s Gate!

Cheering in the background

DJ Dan: Cults, people, we’re talking about cults. Tanya, you got a favorite?

Tanya: Uh, what about those guys with the red scarves you know, who just said they cloned their leader?

DJ Dan: Good one, but you know, you know I mean I have a soft spot for the Heaven’s Gaters, you know the sheer ambition just gets me, okay. They killed themselves to hitch a ride on a comet. It’s kind of poetic. So my sweet conspiraspies, are you in a cult? Were you in a cult? Are you about to drink the Kool-Aid? Are you making the Kool-Aid? Call us first, tell us all about it. Let’s take Mike from Texas. Suwee! Mike! Got a shotgun under the seat?

Mike: You betcha, DJ Dan.

DJ Dan: Don’t mess with Mikey. Mikey, what is your cult connection?

Mike: Well I’m listening to the Cult.

DJ Dan: That’s a band you dink. People, do I have to explain? No self-respecting cult calls itself a cult! The Cult itself is not a cult and even if it spawned a cult it certainly would not be a cult. SHUTDOWN! Bo (?) from Minnesota. Hear you spotted a cult in your home town.

Bo: Yes, sir. My nephew joined these bald chanting guys, you know dancing, handing out flowers in the street.

DJ Dan: Chanting guys! Chanting guys! They’re not a cult! Everybody knows they’re a front for extra terrestrials! SHUTDOWN! Come on people, give me something real. Anthony from Petosky (?), Michigan. That in the thumb, Anthony?

Anthony: Um, more in the pinky finger? Anyways, DJ Dan, I think my grandma was in a cult.

DJ Dan: Grandma’s don’t join cults. SHUTDOWN! Just kidding. Continue, I’m captivated.

Anthony: Um, well she was getting her doctorate in, I think, Psych at the University of Michigan in the 60’s. And she joined this group, I guess, called the Karma Imperative or something.

DJ Dan: The Karma Imperative? Okay, now that sounds like a cult.

Anthony: Yeah! And um well, she told my mom about how she was going with uh the Karma Imperative to some place in the South Pacific.

DJ Dan: Uh, island, continent, cruise ship? What are we talking about here? Come on give me something.

Anthony: Um, she just said it was, I think, the Flame or the Fire?

DJ Dan: Moving on, moving on

Anthony: Well, they never heard from her after that! It was like, early 70s when she went. Nobody at the University heard about the Karma Imperative. And well, they had like a funeral for her and everything!

DJ Dan: Well, that is a tragedy. A human, real life tragedy. It makes me sick, Anthony. Sick! These repugnant, selfish, clannish, crony-ish, mystical, brain washing pieces of dung that take away our loved ones. Conspiraspies, you heard it. Anthony from Petosky has lost his grandmother to the Karma Imperative. You know what to do. You know who you are. I need some dirt on Karma so we can find Anthony’s granny and SHUTDOWN the man! Back after these messages.

Voice over: You’re listening to DJ Dan, shutting down the man.


Monday, June 19, 2006

The youtube "jeepchannel" video

This is just a quick post that will later be updated...

A video on has been posted by the same user name "thejeepchannel" that put out the Jeep commercial. This time this man is mentioning DJDan.

Here is the transcript:

Originally Posted by lab5

I have no business coming out like this, but I need to clear the air on something. Consider this my public apology to DJ Dan. I had the wrong person and will make it right soon. To the believers, I must stay away for awhile, but keep digging. Jeep rescinded the contract for good reason. I'm proud (or part?) of that and will reveal what I can, when I can. Thank you (Minister48?), your a true believer.

Friday, June 16, 2006

Planted caller?

The following are callers in their respective DJ Dan podcasts.
I believe they are all the same person. Either that, or the first two, becuase they sound more alike.
I believe they're "planted callers". They're planted by either DJ Dan to talk about stuff, or by The Hanso Foundation to try to discredit him.

Jessica from Boise, Idaho - May 16 - ~1:23 into podcast. Talks about Conspiraspy t-shirt and cryogenics.

Sarah from Cleveland - June 8 - ~:23 into podcast. Talks about evolution and DJ Dan's not believing it. Genetic engineering.

Marissa from Trenton -June 16 - ~2:08 into podcast. "What if the Hanso foundation isn't up to anything at all?" She sounds kind of different, so it could be someone different, but the other two sound alike.

To me, these three women sound very similar.

DJ Dan's podcasts. [To save: Right click on link - "Save as..."]

May 16, 2006 Podcast

May 26, 2006 Podcast

June 01, 2006 Podcast

June 08, 2006 Podcast
Or, here.

June 14, 2006 Podcast

June 16, 2006 Podcast

June 21, 2006 Podcast

June 26, 2006 Podcast

June 30, 2006 Podcast

July 5, 2006 Podcast

July 10, 2006 Podcast

---DJ Dan's "Broadband Story" from

June 16, 2006 Broadband Story audio

June 16, 2006 Broadband Story video

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

My first accessment

Now this post will grow tonight and most likely the next few days so check back often...

Here I go :


Dan's state of mind: bold...saracastic

statements (must be something to these in my opinion):

cuz they're lying and im not.

Tonya, my producer at large

These Hanso Foundation, and their ilk, prey on the weak and the sick

oddities (more odd stuff that I feel might hold clues):

hour two (of whatever amount of time)

1938-The first color photos of Mars had just come in and, shock of shocks, the thing looks like a “frackin” Christmas tree. Nothing but red rocks and green heads.A couple years later, when the pictures do leak. Welles uses alien film making technology to make “Citizen Kane”
Here I think it might not be much, due to the main clue was owelles. However, I would like to get some more info on those pics of Mars and the Citizen Kane reference.

Idaho itself is a hoax
I pulled this because strangely enough, there seems to be an Idaho theme going will see more on this in other blogs.

DJ Dan: Little known fact: Idaho itself is a hoax. What’cha wearin’ Jessica?
Jessica: My “Conspiraspy” T-shirt, DJ Dan.
(this is too obious that she knows what to say, maybe indicating an either rehersed thing or maybe someone there who is posing as a caller?)

Tonya: Dan, the Red Sox did win the Series…about a year and a half ago.DJ Dan: Really? I’m a geek Tonya, not a sports geek, but I can do you one better.
(funny how he knew that Ted played for Red Sox but claims he is a geek with no sports sence)

names (this is just for searching for themes or simularities):


frank-roswell NM

Jessica-boise idaho



Dan's state of mind: he ask tanya why he is in such a great mood

statements (must be something to these in my opinion):

You are OWNED. 30% of you is owned by the government, and the government is owned by THE MAN. You know what I'm talking about, I'm talking global corporations, like your Widmore corportion
(why is he pointing at widmore?)

while drinking coffee picked on their cocaine -- oh, ho, lordy, I mean, uh, Colombian coffee plantations.
(whats with the cocaine reference?)

I want my Candlestick Park back
(maybe this is something normal and just flew over my head but what does this mean?)

Which brings me to yesterday's question: Why are college students building electromagnetic superweapons? Electromagnetic superweapons, people.
(would LOVE to know more about WHEN he referenced that one)

For those of you who don't know, the Hanso Foundation is one of those non-profit organizations whose sole purpose seems to be researching everything you see in a bad sci-fi movie. Now, if you're like me, you're dying to know: what are these people up to? Of course, nobody knows, not even this Persephone chick who's hacking their website, and just the same, nobody knows where that guy went in that crowd.
(two for one here, we got him behaving like this is new about hanso, AND...he doesnt seem to say a heck of a lot about persephone either.)

Now, what we do know is that yesterday's show made a stink
(could this "stink" be the beginning of the threats?)

oddities (more odd stuff that I feel might hold clues):

DJ Dan: "Oho, you're gettin' paid this week, Tanya.
(this is another theme i see going on, though, not a big one)

It's been this way since way back when before Charleton Heston parted the Red Sea.
(need to know why he used Heston)

Interviewee: "Every week some guy picks up our simulation, so I followed one, and I lose him in the crowd outside the Widmore Corporation building."
(here is the Widmore name drop again)

Interviewee: "Pretty much, we were asked to simulate an electromagnetic pulse strong enough to knock a space-borne body out of its recurring orbit."
DJ Dan: "Uh, space-borne body. Like what, exactly?"
Interviewee: "Like, the moon."
(this is just plain CREEPY.)

names (this is just for searching for themes or simularities):

Unknown Interviewee



Dan's state of mind: seems more angry than usual, more paranoid too

statements (must be something to these in my opinion):

DJ Dan: Milton From Fresno, please tell me you're not still there
(so this is half of a longer podcast?)

DJ Dan: Ha ha, Tanya, okay Milty, before I kick you off, you were saying something
(obiously he was already anoid by this guy)

Then there is the ranting about how he is not a sellout...yet seems to be saying he IS a sellout at the same time!

do I live with a sense of security knowing my four wheel Jeep Compass will get me and my family to safety when the bombs fall and the highways buckle?
(is he saying he knows something is gonna happen?)

So I go to the old mailbag this morning and I find a letter from Jessica in Reno, NV and I quote: "I listened to your show on rapid weight loss, DJ Dan and I can't understand why you hate science so much."
(WHAT podcast was that??)

It's science that let's me broadcast from the road moving from secret location to secret location with only my laptop and the wind in my, um, scalp… my trusty mike, and of course Tanya, who Lord knows is a wonder of science, herself.
(just a stretch but is he admitting she is fake?)

NO! 'Cause I'm lost. I'm a corporate recall. I'm an intermediary step between Tanya and the Tanya-Disco-Trip-Hop remix. And why? 'Cause I stopped asking questions.
(what does this mean?)

oddities (more odd stuff that I feel might hold clues):

DJ Dan: Tanya You're fired
Tanya: I'll leave when you start paying me
(weird theme here, could be just an inside joke between them?)

How do YOU know you wanna stay away from the business end of a skunk, Milty?
(uh because it is PROVEN that skunks spray but the info about hanso COULD be bios)

They are the man. AND THE MAN DON'T HACK THE MAN!
(so we take HIS word on that huh?)

Tanya: Ah, shucks, DJ Dan.

This is DJ Dan, making way for his hotter, younger replacement, DJ Dave.
(who knows what will come of this)

names (this is just for searching for themes or simularities):

Milton From Fresno
Thornton from Seattle
Jessica in Reno, NV

COMMERCIAL....Jeep Compass Commercial

The backwards theory LOL

Hi all! I just wanna start an investigation into the possiblity of these podcast being either backwards in order or all out of date order...

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE post comments on this subject!!!! This will be the best way to figure it out!

Here is a comment I snagged from The LOST experience comments from one of the best, BellyOfdesire:

I don't know if they are backwards... I think they may just be out of order... I have no doubt about it at this point.

I think they are in this order (i'm probably wrong... this was determined by logical deduction):

6/13 - no tonya, no mention of persephone, no catchphrase, no sponsors

5/26 - only place where it would fit based on the position of the others

5/16 - references orson wells quite a bit and the podcast was found in the orson wells folder

6/8 - call from Hanso goon, Dj Dan states that he's going to "name a successor"

6/01 - DJ Dan NAMES successor.

Anyway, definitely count me in on this "bandwagon"... they are NOT in order... I think we will find out more about the real order as we get more podcasts, but good catch Lena... FO SHO!


Monday, June 12, 2006

Extracted comments for podcast 5-16

I went through the comments for podcast 5-16 and I am hoping I got most of the relevant ones. I figure maybe there will be something to go back and follow through on. I have move these into the comments section to spare some room here. Please view the comments area for these.